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But, personally, I have found that many of those who spend a great deal of time in school don't have a clue how to solve real-world problems. I have worked with PhDs who performed worse than high-school drop-outs.
Sometimes people just don't end up learning useful stuff. Some of those people go on and become philosophers and such, but most of the time they don't really know how to function. I'd probably want to avoid that kind of education, and from what I've heard a lot of ideas taught in colleges are more hands-on versus lectures than they used to be.

Now that I've looked over that list I've realized that there are even more Universities of Arkansas than I thought!

A research university sounds good, although U of A @ Fayetteville and UALR are both pretty big campuses. I don't mind a large population, but that sometimes means that the classes are huge, 200+ person lecture halls instead of interactive, hands-on environments.
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