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OK, suppose we take the Wikipedia list of colleges and universities in Arkansas as a starting point.
In the type column, you have the following hierarchy:
  1. Research university
  2. Master's university
  3. Baccalaureate college
  4. Associate's college
(plus a few that only offer courses in 1 area, e.g. medical school or Bible college).

Ar a research university, for example, the professors tend to spend as much time on research as they do on education.
They are there to discover or invent new things themselves, just as much as to teach what is already known.
Some of your fellow students here would be planning to go on and do PhDs, so you could expect both staff and students to be highly intelligent.
A degree from a research university tends to get a lot of respect. It is also very hard work.
Just 2 of the colleges in the state of Arkansas are listed as research universities!

The ones listed as Master's university hardly have any PhD students but do have a lot of postgraduate students doing Master's degrees.
The Baccalaureate colleges focus on bachelor's degrees, not postgraduate education.
At an Associate's college, hardly anyone even does a full bachelor's degree (if I understand it correctly).

So working out which type of college from this list would suit you best is important.
After that, I would consider which majors they offer, how big they are, and also the restrictions such as entrance requirements and fees!
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