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A more useful but similar project may be.....

Create some software which runs on a client machine and periodically (maybe 10 minute intervals) will send a request to the primenet server. This request could be the same packet the prime95 client sends when you invoke the Help About Primenet Server (or equivalent in Linux menu version). You can analyse the traffic using some tool like ethereal and then replicate it. If the primenet server is serving then it will respond with the server version and if not, your network comms will timeout. The software should collate these responses over time and archive them locally. When there is a TRANSITION from UP to DOWN it should display this, and optionally email (the software's user) and/or George Woltman either "The service has gone down" or "Great it's back". A further refinement would be to load historical data, and calculate a % of uptime over a given period. Producing this stuff in HTML browser pages would be a bonus.

I think this would be a good project for you as it is
a) not incredibly difficult
b) exposes you to some standard technologies (and coding them) eg SMTP
c) would benefit the end user community in troubleshooting
d) would benefit the GIMPS search by helping to maximise server uptime.

This is the sort of thing I would write myself if I had the spare time.
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