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Originally Posted by mathwiz View Post
Are there instructions on how to check out and build the msieve GPU LA code? Is it in trunk or a separate branch?
It's very much a work-in-progress and things may change or occasionally be broken, but you can play with it. I have it in GitHub. I recommend using CUDA 10.2 because CUDA 11.x incorporates CUB into the toolkit and tries to force you to use it, but it's missing a few pieces. That complicates things. You can get the source with

git clone -b msieve-lacuda-nfsathome
cd msieve_nfsathome
make all VBITS=128 CUDA=XX

where XX is the two-digit CUDA compute capability of your GPU. Specifying CUDA=1 defaults to a compute capability of 60. You may want to experiment with both VBITS=128 and VBITS=256 to see which is best on your GPU.

If you want to copy msieve to another directory, you need the msieve binary, both *.ptx files, and in the cub directory both *.so files. Or just run it from the build directory.

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