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Tried to compile on Odroid-C2 (Version 14.1 worked on Raspberry PI 3 32 bit).

Obviously I did not USE SSE2 or other Intel optimizations, but even using either the
gcc -c -O3 -DUSE_THREADS ../*.c >& build.log
or the
gcc -c -O3 ../*.c >& build.log
option, I had errors (see attachments).

I assumed the version was targeted to Intel/AMD platforms, and I know that optimization for ARM processors is next on your to-do list, so I'm not complaining .
I had some spare time and decided to give the code a try on my platform, that's all.

From a quick look I see that on line 783 of platform.h you ask
/* ARMv8 64 bit processors support native 64 bit types */
but a quick grep can't locate where the symbol should be defined (this line didn't appear on version 14.1, as the condition was driven by ARM_EABI). I guess it's a placeholder for a next version.

Anyway I also tried to compile the source on my Intel G2030 following the readme, with no success (see attached build_Intel-log).

../platform.h:1462:3: error: #else after #else
I feel sorry and inapt for this job as it looks it's something related to myself and my computers, and not to the code.

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