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Thank you for playing...

In my opinion, one isn't a "true geek" until one has read Gibson's Neuromancer.

His later work was good and interesting, but this was seminal (IMO).
I see now on Wiki that the trilogy I am currently in is referred to as "Blue Ant," which makes sense, even though the Hubertus Bigend character associated with that name is only seen through the eyes of others. (It would be rather complicated to explain further, and might risk spoilering.)

I will note that the character in question is Belgian, so that his name should be pronounced something like 'bayh jawnd'. However, some others refer to him as Big End, which he does not challenge. I am wondering if there is some little computing joke going on. There is a wiki link on Bigend, individually.

The books which make up the Sprawl Trilogy are Neuromancer, Count Zero, and Mona Lisa Overdrive. I strongly endorse the complete series. "Sprawl" refers to the Boston Atlanta Metropolitan Axis, or BAMA, in a corporate-dominated, dystopic near future. 'Nough said, for now. Read them!

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