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Originally Posted by KingKurly View Post
I may be "mis-remembering", but I'm pretty sure that you can unreserve an exponent with the exponent and the assignment ID alone.
Thank you for this reminder.

My statement should have been:

Consider the (un)desirability of allowing anyone other than those who know either the assignee's password or the assignment ID to be able to unreserve an exponent.

I think I remember accidentally assigning something to anonymous instead of myself through the manual assignment form, and I was able to unreserve it as myself by putting the worktodo line into one of my computers and then unreserving the exponent like normal.
Yes, if one has access to the assignee's data files (such as by being the assignee), one can get the assignment ID.

My intended point was that it is not desirable to allow anyone who does not have access to the assignee's data to be able to perform unreservations.

- - -

OT: BTW, would "de-reserve" and "de-reservation" be better terms to use than the "un-" versions, to refer to the act of asking PrimeNet to cancel an assignment?

That is, an exponent that is currently not assigned/reserved is in an unassigned/unreserved state, but it would make sense for the act of requesting that an exponent's status be changed from assigned/reserved to unassigned/unreserved to be deemed an act of deassignment/dereservation (or maybe disassignment/... instead).

Even farther OT: Those individuals who object to such a change in designation would be "antidisassignmentarians", whilst the term for their collective campaign to oppose such designation would be "antidisassignmentarianism"? :-)

- - -

Or you can just let it sit for 60 days or whatever and it'll get automatically dropped for inactivity.
Well, yes, that applies to any case, whereas the discussion above was about explicitly returning an exponent without waiting for that timeout.

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