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Originally Posted by S00113
My intentions with my wireless router is have fun and to fill gaps in factoring. Find more factors of exponents with known small factors, double check factoring from clients with bugs which may have caused them to miss a factor, etc. Trial factoring such composites is low priority work. Most, probably all, of the factors my slow wireless router find will already have been found by P-1, ECM or by trial factoring because the client wasn't buggy after all. I wouldn't use my precious 64-bit CPUs on this. Old 386s, 486s, PentiumIIIs, SGI Indys, DecStations and my cheap wireless router will do the job just fine while our modern machines use their resources on heavier crunching.
Well have fun, and keep us posted on your progress! As you say, since we're not talking the "race for the cure" for some disease here, it's more about having fun and learning interesting/useful things than anything else.
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