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We have a contractor and his crew renovating one of our rental units. I remarked to him the other day about an issue with the siding on the West side of the house. He asked me which side was West. As he was standing outside and it was about 20 minutes before sunset, I told him that it was the side of the house facing the setting sun. His reply? "What does the sun have to do with it?"
Been there; done that.

Here in Bim cardinal coordinates are almost completely unknown. Instead directions are "OK, you go up to town" (even though you're going south, and down a hill). "Then you turn left at the place where there used to be a cow."

I'm not joking.

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(For the record, I am very much thankful for the opportunities that I had to study the arts, and I cannot say at all that I totally disliked those courses. But I do believe that one could make the argument that calculus is just as beautiful, and definitely at least as important, as "to be or not to be".)
To share, I almost dropped out of high school because I simply couldn't spell correctly (I still can't; I'm dyslexic).

But, I had a wonderful English teacher in high school, a Mr. Smith, who told me to "Ignore the spelling; just write.

Mr. Smith changed my life.
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