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Well, I think that one reason that we have not seen much activity in the project lately is due to the fact that such a lot of work is necessary just to take 1 exponent 1 bit further from ^83 to ^84.

We are only humans and we want to see results and we want to be a little proud of what we have done.

I think a good idea could be to open a new range, but it is maybe good to keep the old range (M3321935017-M3321935963) for CPUs. We are still some using CPUs for trial factoring, otherwise we cannot really participate in the project.

Another suggestion would be to trial factor semi-bits from ^83 and onwards. If we allow partial bits like tenths of bits to be registered on the webpage we maybe see some more results. What I mean is that we can report the results when we have done like ^83.1 of an exponent.

If we on the same time publish the "status.txt"-file anybody can continue if we release the exponent, or maybe it is even possible to have a "status.txt"-file creator on the webpage if an exponent is done to, lets say, ^83.4 bits and somebody else wants to continue from there?
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