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There was a three-part series about Haiti in The New Yorker (November 27, December 4, and December 11, 1989) entitled "Beyond the Mountains." Very depressing reading.

From history classes and subsequent reading many years later, I remember that Haiti's successful revolt against the French was what led Napoleon Bonaparte to sell the French Louisiana Territory to the United States. He was preparing to go to war against the rest if Europe, and figured that if 20,000 soldiers couldn't hold onto tiny Haiti, holding the vast Louisiana Territory was incompatible with his program of conquest in Europe.

If there's a country other than Haiti that's been forced to pay indemnities for a war it won, I am not aware of it.

In recent weeks, I heard someone talking on the radio about Haiti's revolution and abolition of slavery as its "Black Lives Matter" event. I rolled my eyes, because the person ignored the Dessalines massacre after the French military left.
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