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Here's my story:

I was originally very "loyal" to Apple, owning nothing but iPhones (3g, 4, 5s, 6, 6s, 7, 8, x) and Macs only, until Apple screwed me over on a battery replacement (long story short, I sent in a working iPhone X for battery replacement, then I got an iPhone back that is all scratched up, no longer working, and Apple claimed that it was originally in that condition). After contacting them numerous times, through my state attorney and even the BBB, I received the same answer. At some point I received a signed letter from Apple's attorney basically says "you can take us to court, but we have infinite amount of resources."

After that I traded in all my personal Apple devices and switched over to Andriod. The first device I tried is Samsung Galaxy S9+. I don't use any digital assistant (for Samsung this is Bixby) so the extra button is very annoying. Also there are lots of bloatware on the Galaxy I noticed and it is almost frustrating how long Samsung took to upgrade Andriod 8 to 9.

Shortly I traded in The Galaxy for a Google Pixel 3 XL. The OS is stock with no modification (it's Google ... figures). If someone doesn't have a Google account or uses a lot of google services, then this is definitely not a phone for the individual. I also noticed that Google pushes out an update in the beginning of every month. The Apps are basically all Google services, Gmail app kinda sucks if you have another email other than Gmail. iOS overall does a better job imho.

I really like the clean Andriod though on the Pixel, but question: doesn't owning a Google phone screams "Google owns you now?" since they have all my location, email, contacts, calls and messaging history?

And yes, I don't know anyone other than myself that owns a Google Pixel.

Though, I am very jealous of Samsung's system wide dark mode, which is not yet available on Pixel. It is rumored to be implemented on Andriod 10.

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