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Ah, OK. That will be simple. I thought there were some special commands for the PRPnet 3.2.6 servers. Yes, I had noticed the window for all of the LLRnet clients. I had actually changed, added, and removed clients several times since you did that and had maintained that consistency. I'm sticking with running 3 clients on the server machine for now. I had run 4 clients for quite a while beginning about 2 days after the last rally until about 2 days ago. I noticed then that when I got on it to view a file, it would hesitate very badly despite it being < 6 months old and having 4 GB of RAM. I figured with the current load of everyone's clients running the servers that I was pressing my luck having all 4 cores running LLRnet clients. It appeared to be bogging the machine down and I was afraid of messing up stats updates or something like that.

OK, everyone, the server machine will be offline in about 5 minutes for 10 or so minutes while I apply some updates, stop the servers, shut it down, blow the dust out of it, restart the machine, and restart the servers.

That reminds me of something else Max: Do I need to be backing up Jeepford or is AMDave taking care of doing that remotely by some automated process? If so, what folders/directories/subfolders should I be backing up? There is now a tremendous amount of data on there and it would be completely foolheardy to not make a backup at least once every 2-4 weeks. The CRUS web pages are updated on my laptop and kept before uploading them so those are effectively backed up but I don't know about other things. My laptop is what contains the lion's share of results from both NPLB and CRUS and I back it up about twice a month to an external hard drive. It's now up to about 30 GB! :-) But I don't have any formal backup process that I've started for Jeepford yet.


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