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Just to let everyone know:

We had a fairly big thunderstorm here today and it caused a ~15-second power blip at my place at ~2:10 PM CDT (7:10 PM GMT). My UPS kicked in to keep the servers going and in looking at the hourly counts, I see no ill effects except to my own. But just in case, you might make sure that you don't have any clients that are hanging. The last time that I had an outage, even though the UPS kept the power going to the servers, my internet connection was knocked out for some reason, even though the modem/router are also connected to the UPS. But that was a 40 minute outage so apparently everything came through OK with the small blip this time.

My goal is no more than 1-2 "true" outages to the servers per year (other than quick temporary things like reloading servers and rebooting the machine for periodic updates that require a restart, all of which should rarely last more than 3-5 mins.). Since I've gotten the UPS and a business-class account, there's only been 1 outage in 4-5 months so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


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