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I need to get a good idea of where we are at in all of this on the Windows client testing. Can you answer the following questions:

1. Please post remaining problems and how they will be resolved.
2. When should I get involved in a Windows test?
3. Can you make all Linux changes except for the script?
4. If no to #3, please post the files/programs changed in Windows.
5. If no to #3, please post the files/programs that are stable right now so that we can begin making changes on the Linux side.

On #2, I'm holding off a little until the files/programs stablize. Once that happens, I can get my new I7 connected and add that to my 2 slow laptop cores for a better test than what I could do before.

#'s 4 & 5 will allow Max or me to start making changes to the Linux client so that we can speed things up a little.

Please don't add any more new features at this point. We want to get this rolled out fairly soon.

Thank you,
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