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Default CHOICE - waiting in script for n seconds

Because CHOICE behave different on my XP and Vista box, i will try another tool.


1. With PING:
ping -n 60 -w 1000>NUL

waits for 60 seconds.

2. Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools:

3. Win98 Resource Kit:

4. UnixTools:

I think, no.3 is the best choice instead of CHOICE!

Originally Posted by mdettweiler
Confirmed, number 3 works on my Windows XP setup as well. If it was designed for Win98, and works on XP and Vista as well, then it should work on pretty much anything.
With Win Vista it's ok, too, so this tool is used in the Win-Version of the script.
I've renamed it to 'waits.exe' (wait seconds), because there're other tools around named 'sleep' which put the PC in sleepmode! But this is not what we want!

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