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Version history

2010-03-08 V0.8 cancel all jobs at once in llrnet.lua, submitting LLR-timings to server
2010-03-06 V0.7 cancelling works, new script to clean workfile.txt, new option to set by user
2010-02-21 V0.61 waitloop set before loop, comment out 2 lines in llrnet.lua (grabbing new pair although once=1)
2010-02-20 V0.6 cancel-option works, some more changes in llrnet.lua
2010-02-19 V0.51 using sleep.exe (renamed to waits.exe here) from MS Resource Kit
2010-02-17 V0.5 Option -c to cancel jobs (not working properly)
2010-02-14 V0.4 printing date/time in lresults.txt with set, beep when prime found, 5 attempts if no connection to server, primes.txt only created/added when prime found
2010-02-12 V0.3 Printing found primes in extra file, commenting out in llrnet.exe, date/time in lresults.txt
2010-02-11 V0.2 Error handling included, commented LLRnet-outputs, llr.ini with OutputIterations set
2010-02-10 V0.1 First small version worked

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