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Backgrounds and purposes

LLRnet is a Client/Server program to calculate primes with LLR.
LLRnet was programmed in 2004-2005 by Vincent Penne in the language LUA. It uses internally the program LLR of Version 3.5 programmed by Jean Penne.

The latest LLR-Version available is 3.8, which is 10%-20% faster than V3.7, with more possibilities in testing different values and less issues in small n-values.

Vincent do not support a newer version of LLRnet, so the idea is to make both (LLRnet and LLR) working together with a script, using the feature for the client/server communication and the speed of the new LLR V3.8!

The LLRnet-client consists of an EXE-file with some other LUA-source files (like Pascal or C), which easily can be edited.

First attempts

The idea was, to skip the primetest in the lua-source by commenting out that line.
So LLRnet will reserve some workunits from the server, saves them in a test-file and quit.
Now LLR take this test-file and do the primetest. After completion the LLR-resultfile have to be converted into the format LLRnet can read. In the next step LLRnet uses the converted resultfile and send it to the server and grabs new workunits again.

That's the (quite easy) theory.

The first small version of the script looked like this:
 1 :start
 2 if exist z* goto do_cllr
 3 gawk -f do_tosend.awk lresults.txt
 4 type lresults.txt >>lresults_hist.txt
 5 del lresults.txt workfile.res workfile.txt llr.ini
 6 llrnet
 7 del tosend.txt
 8 :do_cllr
 9 cllr -d workfile.txt
10 goto start
2 if there is a cllr-savefile, continue the test
3 convert the cllr-resultfile 'lresults.txt' into 'tosend.txt' for submitting with LLRnet
4 append the current results to a history-file
5 delete all not used files (will be written at every call of do.bat)
6 calling LLRnet to receive new pairs and send old results
7 delete the old LLRnet submit-file
9 calling cLLR and testing all workunits in 'workfile.txt'
10 begin from start


The current official Version V0.7 can be downloaded here.
The zip contains all files for the latest LLRnet WIN-version 0.9b7 (client and server) and also the scripts and gawk.exe.

A UNIX version of the script will be done by M.Dettweiler.

The package is pre-configured for a local server ( and with my user name.
To test start the server (llrserver.exe in server-folder) and then run 'do' (in client-folder).
You can interrupt the script by pressing CTRL-C when cLLR is running (testing a pair).
To restart only call 'do' again or cancel jobs by calling 'do -c'.

ToDo: ReadMe.txt for Win-Version to include.

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