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Default Any tests/advice with Woodcrest (Xeon 5100)

The Xeon 5100 CPUs (codenamed Woodcrest) were released in June 2006,
has anyone tested either a single or dual Xeon 5100 system ?

Tests/benchmarks for Prime95/MPrime or other distributed projects
in subforums at

What standard or custom built systems ?
Info on MB motherboard/CPU(s)/RAM (amount/model)/PSU/OS also cost.
Performance and stability results/issues.

Any advice/recommendations/warnings
or interesting systems/components ?

A motherboard that appears interesting is the ASUS

A system from ASUS

TYAN (Tempest i5000), IWill (DPK), Supermicro (X7 D) and others
also make Xeon 5100 server/workstation boards.
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