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Originally Posted by VBCurtis View Post
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On big poly select jobs, the space of second and third coeffs within a leading coeff is so large that a slice of the space of a leading coeff is searched. For C190+, there can be 30 or more slices, so many machines can work on the same coefficient with little work duplicated.
Ah Ha! This gives me a definite adjustment for my experiments. I'll try to work all threads of a single machine against a single coefficient.

Originally Posted by charybdis View Post
From a cursory glance of the code, it's 420 for degree 4 searches, and then it's 12 up to 120 digits, 60 for 121-200 digits, and 120120 for >200 digits.
I had noticed all the coefficients were multiples of 120120, but hesitated stating so. If I base my ranges such that each encloses a multiple, I should be able to set my scripts such that I can run lots of threads against those multiples and maybe even have some of my 8-thread machines working on the same coefficients.

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