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Originally Posted by AMDave View Post
I have added those drives to the chart.
There are no primes in the doublecheck prime list for that doublecheck range.
The double check primes that are loaded start from n > 260K
Great, thanks!

Regarding Doublecheck #1: we're going to be loading that one into the firstpass database (under MN-2001) since it is our first set of data for that range; the "real" firstpass tests on that range were done prior to NPLB's inception and thus we don't have any residuals for them. A few years down the road we'll do a triplecheck drive on that range to get the second set of residuals needed for complete verification. Those will then be loaded into the doublecheck database.

n>=260K was done by NPLB the first time around, so we have a firstpass set of residues for it. Thus, the doublecheck work for that range goes directly into the doublecheck database.

Confused yet?

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