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Originally Posted by lycorn View Post
And donĀ“t forget the < 1M range. Several people are doing ECM/P-1 there, as well as some TF to "kill" the remaining exponents at less than 65 bits.
I'm not forgetting you ;). The point of this exercise was to calculate (at least approximately) how far TFing would 'make sense' if CPU/GPU energy consumption is the only concern.

With my current hardware (if I didn't make any big mistakes) would seem to be:
Rng - bits
2M 65
3M 65
4M 66
5M 67
6M 67
7M 68
8M 68
9M 69

I'm not obliging people to use these values. Different CPUs, GPUs could get different values. It could also be the case that there is more processing power of one of the two available. Software could become more efficient in the future, etc....

And people are of course free to use their resources as they please.
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