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Default Question about the settings at Prime95


I have the following problem with Prime95. I use an AMD 3900X and want to run 2 workers in parallel. Once PRP or LL and once ECM Workunits. I have 32 MB of RAM installed. Now, if I let both threads run at the same time, the ECM Workunits will always only calculate Stage 1. It is always indicated to me that I have too little RAM. I have already tried 8 MB, 16 MB, 24 MB and 32 MB. I'm doing something wrong with the settings. I have 10 CPU cores counted at PRP / LL, the rest for ECM. Who can tell me how I have to set what and where, that the ECMs are always calculated in parallel by all Stages.

Many thanks for the help.

Greeting Bommer1
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