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Originally Posted by jvang View Post
The University of Southern California, which I believe is rather selective (18% acceptance rate), has a special engineering college, the Viterbi School of Engineering. From what I can tell it has an internationally recognized curriculum, so I might throw an application their way if I lean towards engineering. Nice facilities too
I can tell you a few things that I know about this school. I know some alumni (various degrees) and some folks that have/do work there. There are a lot of folks going there getting substantial scholarships. (It is said that the average student there pays less money than the average student at UCLA). It is a strong school for engineering, film, music, and all sorts of other things.

I can talk to some of the folks that I know if you are serious about it. It is close to down town Los Angeles and on one of the metro lines. That one runs to walking distance from the beach (the end of Route 66). It is next the stadium that the football games are at. It is easy to get to the airport from there.

If you want to chat about it, I am lead to believe that someone on your block has my top sekret code number.
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