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Pretty sure I should just stick to local universities; I did a bit of research and the general consensus is that applying to higher-ranked schools becomes more of a lottery once you reach the point where everyone is equal in qualification (perfect GPA, test scores, extracurriculars, etc.). Being a bit sub-par in any single category is pretty bad, and I'm lacking in both extracurriculars and GPA. So I'll focus my application to local/public colleges. A good friend of mine will be applying to the University of Arkansas too, and if we both get in we'll likely room together, which is more good than bad. He's a much more motivated guy than I am, so I'm sure some of it will overflow to me...

Unfortunately UArk is very large and its campus life shenanigans are crazy. Just on-campus housing is a nightmare; there's about 20 different residence halls and each is unique and geared towards certain students. And food is insane too; there's all sorts of meal passes and spending money privileges and recharges and all sorts of overly complicated mechanisms to get money for food

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