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Originally Posted by tha View Post
Just the 'sannerud | laptop' data from the v4 server, if any, would be something. Is there a way to download the v4 data or request it per dvd?
The v4 server did not keep the detailed log that v5 server does. So, no, there is no way to tell which user found a factor, returned a no-factor result, did the P-1, etc. The LL results table did record the userid and user-provided computer name, but did not record the date of the result (so no help in rediscovering milestone dates).

The reason I brought up the v4 server data, is that it could be used to find P-1 bounds of exponents that have later had a factor found. The v5 server deletes that information from the "exponents with no known factor" table, but is often still available in the detailed results log.
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