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Originally Posted by Madpoo View Post
Yup, no record on of a P-1 being run on it. At least, the clients assigned that exponent never checked anything in indicating that P-1 had been done at all.
But I didn't make up those bounds. Before Tha found that factor the report would have said no-factor-to=66, and P-1 bounds (like this). Unfortunately the report suppresses the no-factor-to and max-p1-bounds data if a factor is known. Nothing shows up on the report because doesn't have a specific record of who did the P-1 and when, just what bounds it was done to. The oldest P-1 run I have on file is for M18,752,249 from 03-Jan-2000, so presumably a 12M exponent would have had its P-1 done several months/years earlier than that, and no records of who-did-what-when were kept at the time (or were kept and have since been lost).
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