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You should definitely try out the 2.8beta. You can download the source from

Get all the files in the directory. You'll need to compile it yourself and play with the configuration settings to find the optimal settings. Mlucas.c has some hints on how to go about compiling it. When I compiled it for a Sun Ultra10 a while back I used the following command:

cc -o Mlucas -Bstatic -fast -xO5 -xsafe=mem -xprefetch *.c -lm &

I found the Sun cc compiler was much better than gcc. You may need to modify a few options for your two machines.

There are some new features in 2.8 that help with automated benchmarking to come up with the optimum mlucas.cfg configuration.

I'm sure Ernst Mayer will post with more suggestions soon. Play with it and skim through Mlucas.c in the meanwhile.
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