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Originally Posted by jasonp View Post
This job is very heavily oversieved; try it with ~2/3 the total number of relations (it was not oversieved enough to trigger the new code in v1.41 for dealing with very heavy oversieving).
I wonder if he's in the same position as last time....just a tiny bit under the required number of realtions. My older c112 jobs, all done completely with GGNFS and the script, required between 7 and 8 million relations. From hhh's logfile, he's at this position:
found 1261318 hash collisions in 8230451 relations
commencing duplicate removal, pass 2
found 2115181 duplicates and 6115270 unique relations
Which says that he probably needs at least one more block of sieving, if not a couple more. Look at that duplicate rate.....nearly 25%

hhh, I can take another stab at it if you like, or you can try one more block of sieving and see what happens......let me know and we can setup an FTP transfer again.
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