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I once saw a video somewhere where some people had some computers laid out without cases, running, on a desk, but with the heatsink/fan not actually attached (just sitting on top of the CPU). Then somebody pulled the heatsink/fan off the CPU, and within seconds, BOOM! The CPU vaporized itself. A close-up shot of the CPU socket revealed nothing but some fine white-grey ash.

It was a pity they did it with good P4's and Athlons, though--if they were smart they would have done it with a Pentium or 486. (You could also say that if they were smart they wouldn't have been vaporizing CPU's in the first place. )

I don't remember exactly where I saw it, I know it wasn't YouTube, so unfortunately I can't provide a link. (I'd somehow managed to save the video file, though, and I've got it on my hard drive, so if anyone wants it just give me a PM/email and I'll send it to you. )

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