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Originally Posted by Jean Penné View Post
Happy days for Conjectures'Rus project!
Congratulations to Mark for the first conjecture demonstrated!!

This morning, I found also a success :

173226*2^356966-1 is prime! Time : 520.420 sec.

So, k = 86613 is eliminated, and 15 k's are remaining for proving the Liskovets-Gallot conjecure for Riesel odd n's!

This is also a top 5000 prime, so I am waiting for a project code.

Reseving now k = 290514 in place of this died k!


Congrats Jean! It's nice to get a couple of top-5000 primes for the project after a lull for a little while. That's also the first one for the Liskovets-Gallot conjecures for our project. The remaining 7 k's on the Sierp odd-n are being stubborn now with no primes since n=~299K. Testing is now past n=460K on all k's.

The project code is CRUS.


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