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Note to the admins:

I'm keeping a spreadsheet of all primes found since n=528K as per the Emails that are received from the servers due the speed at which they come in shortly before, during, and shortly after rallies. If any primes go more than a day without being reported, I'll Email or PM folks.

I'm reporting primes for LaurenU2 at top-5000; under his name of course. I'm not familiar with a couple of the ID's in the server. The possibility exists that we may need to report some primes for others or give them detailed instructions for doing so.

MrOzzy now has 2 primes that he needs to report. I PM'd and Emailed him with the 1st one that is now close to a day old. He should see the 2nd one and report them both since the regular notification Email went to him.

At the current rate, we'll likely past n=545K with the rally but I think people are still adding cores so we may be able to get close to n=550K!

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