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Okay, we've heard from lars (ltd).

It's unclear right now when the PSP server can be turned back on. Hopefully it won't be long. According to Lars, it may be anywhere from a couple of days to never. I'm hoping for "a couple of days". :)

If I get any more information I'll let you know.

If it's not possible to get at the reservation information before we have to load more work, does anyone know where the leading edge of PSP was before the server went down? If we're going to be crunching PSP "blind", I'd prefer to do it above where anyone else has a reservation. Right now we're crunching n=17M to n=18M.


P.S., If this is a worst case scenario and there's no way to recover the PSP server, we do have all the sieve information (the sieving was done at PrimeGrid.) It will therefore be possible to continue the PSP project without creating new sieve files. However, we don't have any record of which numbers were crunched at PSP -- only those that were crunched at PrimeGrid. That would be a problem.
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