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Ok... this is a bit of a mystery....

The exponent....14566549....

From status.txt

14566549 D   65               0.0   6.0  66.0  02-Jul-05 02:42  02-Jul-05 02:40
From pminus1.txt

And just for the record, phil hasn't returned the p-1 result that is in pminus1.txt. The way that I know this is because the exponent was assigned to him on the 2nd July, where as pminus1.txt was out on the 1st July. Therefore the server knew that the exponent had been p-1ed before it was assigned on the 2nd (to phil) for a double-check.

Maybe a hic-cup in the server??

(Not any consolation to you, but at least I know now that mersenne-aries didn't miss an exponent. Also, just for the record, mersenne-aries never p-1ed this exponent, so I am assuming that it must have been done with the original p-1 test.)
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