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I am running ECM with large bounds (B1 = 4.5e9 B2 = 2e14) on M1277. I have 3 Xeon cores doing so, making slow progress but thus far too lazy to submit manual curve results to George.

1277 has had by far the most work done, so it is least likely to produce a factor per unit of CPU time invested. I'd personally like the help finishing a t65 on it, but the other three get less attention so there's reason to take shots at those too. I second the suggestion to run curves at B1 no lower than 8e8 on these four.

As for getting GMP-ECM to work with P95, P95 needs GmpEcmHook=1 in the settings file (prime.txt or local.txt, I forget). B2 is set no higher than B1, and the results file saves the residue from stage 1. GMP-ECM is then run with -resume <inputfile, B1 set to 1, and B2 set to whatever you like (or, perhaps, not set and GMP-ECM will pick it for you). Lots more detail if you find the other thread.
Good luck!
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