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Default GwNum in Python

Hi! Is there any gwnum-based long-integer-arithmetics library in Python?

There exists gmpy2 library but it is only GMP based, and I don't know if this GMP version is using gwnum or not.

I heard that GMP can be compiled using gwnum support. Does anyone know if GMPY2 has this gwnum-based ready-made builds anywhere available for download?

I need both Windows and Linux versions. Windows is of higher priority.

If not GMPY2 then maybe some other gwnum-based library exists? Or maybe some C-bindings (or Cython) of gwnum for Python?

First of all I need ability to modular square a huge number. Or just powmod(a, b, c), raising a to b modulus c.

Why I want gwnum? I expect gwnum to be faster than regular GMP (without gwnum support). And I need fastest solution for my task in Python.

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