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Originally Posted by gamer007 View Post
575K-577K is complete. 1 prime.

Reserving 577K-580K.
Gamer, just to give you a heads-up: the files you downloaded are still from the old sieve file, not the new sieve file as I implied in the "Sieve file boundaries demystified" thread. I mentioned in there that the mini-drive would transition to the new file at n=577K, but forgot to replace the posted files here with new ones.

The difference between the files is small enough that if you've already started on the range, you may as well keep going with the files you've got; there will only be a few tests more. The main thing is that you should still report primes with the same proof code you've used before, not a new one with Psieve in it.

@Sloth: the PRPnet server is now loaded. Note that this, being n>580K, was loaded with the new sieve file and primes need to be reported under a new proof code as described in the "Sieve file boundaries demystified" thread linked above.
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