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You will need at least 92-95M unique relations (a bit more is going to make for a better matrix).
I wouldn't recommend sieving on algebraic side; this will give you even more duplicates. Most of these existing duplicates came from sieving from a very low starting point. (Better would have started from 10-15M.)
The parameters look fine. Hopefully the future relations will not be as redundant. Use 15e.
For a job of this size you should not use the vanilla scripts. If you are using them (and the script has MINRELS.txt spells in it), then add a file MINRELS.txt in the project directory with 90000000 in it. You will save a lot of time by not filtering until there's at least a chance of convergence. When you will have 90M raw relations, filter and have a look at redundancy, then revise the next time to filter by putting a larger number in MINRELS.txt
This is quite a big number for home computing, but not impossible. Good luck!
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