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Default C230 snfs almost stuck - please comment


I'm currently sieving on
parameters are:
c6: 25
c0: -2
skew: 0.66
type: snfs
rlim: 50000000
alim: 50000000
lpbr: 30
lpba: 30
mfbr: 59
mfba: 59
rlambda: 2.7
alambda: 2.7

sieving on rational side only.
I started from
Q=1M to 15M: 14e siever, ~23M relations
Q=15M to 25M: 15e siever, ~40M relations
Currently working at Q=26M.
about 131 CPU days so far, still far from a usable matrix. The problem is the duplicate rate, last 8M relations had 6M duplicates in it, at a total of just 10M duplicates! I'm quite sure the sieving ranges dont overlap. At this rate it will take forever to complete the job. Any hints/suggestions?

Thanks in advance

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