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When I got up this morning, I found gpuOwl has stopped running during the early AM. There was no visual indication on the screen, but my widget showed the GPU as being at idle temperature. The GPU's RAM was still allocated. I looked at the system logs. There was nothing relative at the time it stopped.

I attempted a stop by using Ctrl-C. gpuOwl appeared to resume running as it displayed another output line on the screen and the GPU began to heat up. A second Ctrl-C stopped it properly. I restarted it and finished the test.

The stoppage happened most of the way through Stage 2 of a P-1 test. Below are some particulars:

M99785863 (Completed and submitted)
B1 = 600,000
B2 = 20,000,000
maxAlloc 6,000 of a possible 8,000
gpuOwl version 6.11-364-g36f4e2a
Windows 10 Pro x64 v1909
Command Prompt console, (not PowerShell).
One thing prior to this yesterday evening was a requested restart by Window 10 to apply update(s). There were no problems.

I restarted again as I have two additional assignments very close in size to the one where the stoppage occurred. I changed no parameters. I want to see if there will be a repeat of the problem.
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