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Originally Posted by preda View Post
It seems GpuOwl accepts the PRP line with the cofactor present, but GpuOwl not being aware of or using the cofactor in any way may be sub-optimal. GpuOwl will simply run a classic PRP test, which guess what will turn out "not prime", but that was already known at the start.

MPrime OTH may make some use of the cofactor by running a PRP-CF test.

(best use GpuOwl for "first time PRP" or similar)
Basically that prp-cf test it the same as the prp test, just in the end there is a big division.
Even if the server already accepted such runs from your gpuowl (is it/was it possible?), then it is still not a mistake, if we stored the res2048 residue, see: . As if d=1 then prp=prp cf.
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