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I've decided to do 86^131-1 via NFS@Home. I've found the following poly (9 hours msieve-gpu searching):
n: 206291417462093576497275239580773052795596055350565606087502662805051224044201602337850673455835775692863740037805407606265476824913591751307682500480113600344276700606001
# norm 1.306001e-16 alpha -8.871987 e 2.977e-13 rroots 3
skew: 162345250.84
c0: -577062733978460861005241440490749355102976512
c1: -12260826936151352820546357994499780916
c2: 178538325918319471247024945044
c3: 958590300841474414947
c4: -4423011255032
c5: 11844
Y0: -1770910298352749710979419014235215
Y1: 613792628360770487
type: gnfs
The record e-score for 171 digits is 3.730e-13 so this is not too bad for a first try.

If Max could see if he can spin it up I would be very grateful.

Also is anyone interested in 24^179+1 ? If not I'll put it through NFS@Home in a week or so.

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