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First off, sorry for all of the difficulty here. I have not been in the habit of checking for successful builds on windows when checking in code, especially for older systems. It is also no fun that mingw builds take *so long*.

I've attached a build of the most recent version with only SSE4.1 activated in yafu. The underlying gmp and ecm builds I believe used -march=k8 and msieve had no special -march.

This version has better management of -logfile. In the tests I've done if you specify -logfile NUL or -logfile "" then neither factor.log nor session.log are written at all.

Also for some reason the system() calls that yafu uses to run external ecm and ggnfs no longer work. They all immediately return error code 127 (command can not be found or executed), even though the paths are all correct. Even trying something like system("pwd") fails with code 127. I can't yet figure out what's going on there. So, this version won't do either of those things. The attached yafu.ini sets the ecm_ext crossover fairly large, so the internal ecm is able to take care of things. I don't think your primary intention is to factor 100+ digit numbers anyway.

With those caveats, hopefully this works.
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