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Originally Posted by charybdis View Post
I have access to a Xeon E5645 (also Nehalem) but I don't have admin rights and there isn't a compiler installed, so I had to compile on a newer system and test on the old one. I couldn't get r387 to work - when running factor() it always crashed when trying to find Brent special forms, although siqs() was fine - but r379 appears to be OK.

Looks like changes made to yafu since r379 might have broken some things for older systems?
(LOL - I just saw your follow up post saying not to use that build... but I'll keep my reply here just for fun):

Hmm... I got a little farther when running tune() on the server in question, but it did still error out at this part:
starting SIQS on c70: 6470287906463336878241474855987746904297564226439499503918586590778209

==== sieving in progress (1 thread):   12224 relations needed ====
====           Press ctrl-c to abort and save state           ====
overriding small TF cutoff of 20 to 15
I have versions of gmp-ecm and ggnfs that seem to be working fine with an older version of YAFU, so I don't think the error is coming from those, and I don't think the tune() process got to calling any of those external libraries yet anyway.

If push came to shove and I had to compile it, I could probably fire up a test VM on that same server and get VS installed on it...

Any tips on compiling it, if I had to go the long way to get there?

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