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Originally Posted by charybdis View Post
Here's an attempt. Compiled with SSE4.1, apologies to anyone with really old computers. If your CPU supports AVX-512 there should be a substantial speedup but you'll need to ask someone else for a binary.
Hi Charybdis - I tried running this on a system with Xeon E5649 processors (Nehalem generation, Westmere EP class).

I can run it and do a simple test factor like "yafu 121" and get basic factors.

Then I tried to run a tune() and it crashed. Is this compiled with any options that wouldn't work on that CPU?

James and I have been testing things out in regards to odd things that the 1.34 version is doing on the Primenet server and hoping this newer build works around it, so hopefully we can get a Nehalem (or even just Xeon "Core") build with those options.

Nehalem does have SSE 4.1 (and 4.2) so I don't think that would be it...

Here's a link to the details for that CPU:
Nehalem / Westmere EP info

FYI, when I run this on my own laptop, with i7-7700, it seems just fine.
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