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Originally Posted by VBCurtis View Post
Update: Q=43.1M, 114.4M relations. Yield average almost exactly 5.0, down a bit from the 20-25MQ range.

Forecast is 350M or so relations by Q=100M (80MQ * 4.x yield).
That leaves ~650M for ggnfs; if anyone is willing to test-sieve a bit to see what Q-range that corresponds to, we can get it into the 15e queue shortly. I expect to have time to test-sieve Friday or Saturday, if necessary.
I’ll be happy to test sieve from Q=100 until we get ~650M relations, and then queue it in 15e. Just to confirm, we are using the poly in post 374 of this thread, correct? Should I use the same parameters translated from CADO (in which case what are they?) or is using the same polynomial all that matters? In other words, am I free to use 2 LPB / 3 LPB, sieve on either side etc to maximize yield?
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