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Well, at least the matrix got smaller! 213M rels at 31/32 vs 189M at 31/31/3LP; we could tighten lambda a bit more (1.84 and 1.83, respectively) and expect rels_wanted to drop another ~5M or so. I don't see that getting us the 5-10% speed improvement we "expect", though.

Trying A=28 all else equal should help us decide which siever to stick with for further testing; good plan. It would be nice to compare Q-final for these two runs once you do A=28.

My prior ggnfs runs at 166-170 digits had matrices 9-10M in size, with 275M relations (EDIT: 32/32LP) and no restriction on lambda (mfb=63). I used 170 as my cutoff between 14e and 15e, but I expect CADO to be faster on I=14 than I=15 here.

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