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Originally Posted by SethTro View Post
This is a work around for not having handled resume yet. This weekend I'll change it so at default verbosity the best proof is printed directly after printing the statusline
OK, great. I'll look out for that.

So you know, I've "forked" your mfaktc delta on GitHub, so I'll pull your changes once they've been applied. I want to make some changes myself, for use in Colab and BOINC runs. I'll send a "Pull request" once I'm happy with my changes.

Originally Posted by SethTro View Post
This is by design, it prints the best proof as it discovers them, half of the time this is in the first 50% of the run, 1 in 5 times this is before 20%.
OK, thanks for letting me know.

Since I'm more concerned about kit sanity than cheating detection, this is fine. Someone would /really/ have to be motivated to get around this, even in the cases of 20% coverage.
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