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Originally Posted by chalsall View Post
Cool. I'll take a look at it (and run a few tests) this weekend.

OK. It would be good to run this across a spectrum of kit and kernel sizes. Do you happen to have a list of candidates which should be run?

And, could you define your datastream a bit more? Should the servers keep the values for each bit level? As in, it's effectively a three-dimensional sparse matrix (Exponent, Bit-level, PoW)?

Separately, does anyone who understands both the maths and the Python understand what's being done here? Black-box to me (and I'm OK with that).
I plan to do a test run over a large range of exponent at TF=65,70,75 this weekend.

Right now the code outputs multiple proofs per <exponent,bit-level>, I think the server should keep <user, exp, bit-level, min-pow> where min-pow is the "best" proof of work where best = hardest = rarest = smallest res or most zeros. I need to change the code a little bit before this happens.

I cleaned up the verify script and have a new version you can pass your results.txt file to.

my TODO is
1. Rename proof_k to proof_test or proof (it's not easy to manipulate large ints in mkfact)
2. Change output format from "X bits" to "X difficulty"
3. Run over large range of inputs and verify proof
4. Update verify script one more time.
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