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Originally Posted by SethTro View Post
Absolutely; The code is at and you can build it in the standard way.
Cool. I'll take a look at it (and run a few tests) this weekend.

Originally Posted by SethTro View Post
I'll provide a program to verify the proof logs this weekend; currently it's a combination of the check in #47 for small kernels (e.g. 75bit_mul32_gs) and for larger kernels
OK. It would be good to run this across a spectrum of kit and kernel sizes. Do you happen to have a list of candidates which should be run?

And, could you define your datastream a bit more? Should the servers keep the values for each bit level? As in, it's effectively a three-dimensional sparse matrix (Exponent, Bit-level, PoW)?

Separately, does anyone who understands both the maths and the Python understand what's being done here? Black-box to me (and I'm OK with that).
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